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Yahoo Sponsored Search

Everyone loves talking about Google Adwords, and sometimes you might think it's the only game in town. But I have had quite a bit of success advertising on Yahoo Sponsored Search, and continue to believe it is an overlooked but powerful marketing outlet. Despite Google's dominance, Yahoo is still the second largest search engine, so if you want to expand your PPC campaigns, Yahoo is the best place to start.

Yahoo Sponsored Search actually has some benefits over Google:

Sign up for a Yahoo Sponsored Search Account and Get $25 Credit

Although Google Adwords overtook them in size many years ago, Yahoo Sponsored Search still reaches a large audience (53 million people, in fact) and it would be a mistake to exclude them from your marketing efforts. Since they upgraded their user interface a while back, it has become very similar to Adwords, so it is very easy to use, and transferring your campaigns over should be fairly straightforward (Just devote a few hours to copy/pasting and you should be good to go).

Yahoo Sponsored Search has all the features you need from a good PPC network, including robust reporting, conversion tracking, ad testing, geographic targetting, and more.

If you have had difficulty advertising on Adwords, by all means I would recommend trying out Yahoo Sponsored Search. Follow this link to get a $25 credit to your account. That should get you started and give you an idea of whether or not you want to keep using them.



Sign up for a Yahoo Sponsored Search Account and Get $25 Credit