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Businesses today have numerous choices for designing a professional site, and the sheer number of options can be overwhelming. An entire industry now exists for providing ordinary people quick and easy ways to put up a website.

There are generally three options for getting a site built:

1) Build it yourself using professional tools:
This is not a realistic option unless you have a lot of skill and experience. In addition, getting the right web design tools and software can be expensive.

2) Get someone else to build a site for you:
Instead of using your own web design tools, you could hire a designer to create a site for you. This option used to be expensive, but with many contractors working out of India, the price has come down significantly. You may be able to get a decent site designed for $200 - $300. A good place to shop around for contractors is Elance, where contractors will bid on your project. Prices are generally low at Elance, and the quality of work is typically quite good. If you want to have a website built by a premium service, consider the web design service offered by Deluxe.

3) Use an online web design tool like Wordpress:
Finally, there are online web design tools that are simple to use and geared for people who are not professional designers. The best free tool for building a website, in my opinion, Wordpress. The Wordpress platform is powerful since it can be used to not only create a blog, but regular webpages as well. If you are interested in this options but don't know where to start, this Ebook on Building Sites with Wordpress will help you get started.