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Text Link Ads

Having inbound links is extremely important if you want to achieve high search engine rankings. However, the traditional way to get links can be quite tedious, even with the help of powerful link building tools. Not to mention that it is often quite hard if not impossible to get links from high-PR authority sites, unless you get lucky.

text link adsFortunately, there is another way to getting quality links, which is to buy text links from ad companies. These companies will place your links on high PR web pages overnight - for a price. One such broker is Text Link Ads, which sells static html text links on thousands of sites.

So is it worth it to buy text link ads? It depends, but for most people, the answer would be yes. If you don't have time to build links yourself, or don't have the staff to do this, then buying text link advertising is a smart and viable alternative. Here is what I suggest you do:

  1. Visit Text Link Ads, and open a free account.
  2. Download their "Link Buyer Starter Kit " (on the home page) for coupons and tips on buying links.
  3. Browse the listings of niche sites and decide where to buy links. Each link is sold for a flat fee for 30 days. You will most likely need to buy for a few months to allow your link to drive up your search engine ranking.

If you don't want to use Text Link Ads for whatever reason, Adbrite is another network that sells links. There are a few other brokers out there but I do not have experience with them, so I can only recommend Adbrite and Text Link Ads.

You will be amazed at how a few well-placed text ads from popular sites in your niche can boost your search engine rankings. Buying text link ads is a quick and dirty shortcut to building links the hard way, and an underused one in my opinion.

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