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Sales Letter Tips

The best way to study the components of a good sales letter is to read as many sales letters as you can get your hands on. After a while you should begin noticing what all good sales letters have in common. If you don't have the patience to do this (and I don't blame you if you don't), this page will give you some sales letter tips to get you started on your way to writing an effective sales letter.

Fortunately, I have read and written more sales letters than I care to admit, and long ago, I narrowed down the ingredients that make for a good sales letter.

So without further ado, here are my quick and dirty sales letter tips:

1. Catchy Headline
You want to make your headline as catchy as possible, usually by making a strong statement or a claim. If you don't know where to start, try starting with "How." (e.g. "How I got rid of acne in one week, and you can too.") Another method is to use specific numbers (e.g. 3 things I did to eliminate acne overnight).

2. Include a Story
People have been telling stories for ages. Why? Because they are compelling and they draw readers in. So my second sales letter tip is to use a good story in your copy. Popular stories used in sales letter include "rags to riches" stories as well as how someone overcame a big challenge.

3. Use Bullet Points
They are easy to read and give you a great place to list benefits.

4. Use Call to Action Phrases
You need something to urge the reader to buy now, not next week or next year. Say things like "I only have 200 copies left," (and don't mention that you will be printing more), or "This is a limited time offer." You get the picture.

5. Include Bonuses
Make the potential buyer believe they are getting a lot for the money. Include 2 or more bonuses, and make sure they are not junk, but relevant items that have value. If you are wondering where you can get bonuses, check out my page on Private Label Rights.

6. Include Testimonials
You can talk about how great your product is all day long, but it's a lot more believable if someone else says it too. (Be aware of new rules on testimonials that will go into effect in Dec 2009. For more, Google "FTC testimonial rules" or similar phrase)

7. Guarantee
Your sales will go up if you tell people they can return the item if they are not satisfied. Sure, you will get some returns, but they are usually relatively small in comparison to the boost you will see in sales.

8. P.S.
People read postscripts, so use one or two to reiterate how great your product is, or to mention the So my final sales letter tip is to use at least one postscript, maybe even two or three.

Keep in mind these sales letter tips are just some quick ideas. Writing an effective sales letter is not an easy task, and you may need to study the subject quite a bit to become good at it. If you are not thrilled about the "do it yourself approach," you can consider hiring an experienced copywriter in an online marketplace like Elance.

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 Instant Sales Letters

This is quite an ingenious product that allows you to answer a few questions and instantly generate a highly effective sales letter. It uses 39 fill-in-the-blank templates, so right off the bat you have a nice variety of sales letters to work with. Possibly the easiest way to get a good sales letter in record time.

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 Ad Copy Creator Pro

This is another great product that automates much of the sales writing process. You get a template-driven software program that generates a sales letter for you after you answer a series of questions and press a button.

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