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Link Building Campaigns

Link building campaigns are a great way to raise the link popularity of your site and thereby boost its search engine rankings. For those who do not know, link popularity is a measure of inbound links to your website, and takes two things into consideration: The number of links to your site, and the quality of the sites sending you the links. The goal of a link building campaign is to improve link popularity, and there are several ways to go about doing this effectively. What approach you choose depends a lot on your time and budget constraints.

One thing to keep in mind throughout your link building campaign is that you need links from quality, relevant sites. This should be something you always keep in mind. It won't matter much how many links you get if they come from unpopular or junky websites that nobody knows or cares about.

Here are my tips on how to run an effective link building campaign:

1) Get listed on Yahoo
If you have a big budget, $299 to get listed on Yahoo is money well spent. This is because Yahoo is the largest directory on the web, and just by being listed there, your Google Pagerank can instantly jump from 0 to 3 (based on my own experience), even if you have no other links. If there is only one thing you do in your link building campaign, then getting listed on Yahoo should be your first choice.

2) Get listed on the Open Directory
Next to Yahoo, the open directory is the best place to be listed. It is free, but the downside is that it takes forever to get listed. I'm not even sure if all the categories have active editors. It certainly doesn't seem like it. My tip is to be patient but persistent. If you aren't getting listed, try different categories, because each category is edited by a different person, and you might have better luck. Be aware it can take months to get listed in the open directory.

3) Get Inbound links to your site
Arelis can help you manage tasks related to building links.

4) Buy links on popular sites to save timetext link ads
Popular, high-Pagerank sites do not provide you a link for nothing. Why would they, when they can sell links and make a lot of money? This means that often, to get links from good quality sites, you will have to pay. There are not many ways around this unless you want to spend countless hours hunting for decent links, often to no avail. Two good places to buy links on popular websites are: Adbrite and Text Link Ads.

5) Write and submit articles
Write articles on topics related to your website, and submit them to article directories. In your author's bio area, you can include a link to your site. This is an effective way to get good quality links. Check out my page on article marketing for more on this technique.

6) Use Social Bookmarking
This is not my favorite technique, but other people swear by it. Open up a few accounts at sites like Delicious, Digg, Propeller, etc., and bookmark your site. is a free tool that helps you automate some of this.

7) Link from a Blog or Squidoo page
Create a free blog at or, then link to your site. Also links from Squidoo can often boost your link popularity, so create a lens and link to your site.