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Keyword Research Tools

Keyword Research is essential if you use pay per click search engines or want to make the most of your search engine listings. The basic goal of a good keyword research tool is to provide a list of keywords that are related to your industry. You can then 1) place bids on these keywords at PPC engines and 2) optimize your web pages for these keywords so search engine visitors will be more likely to find your site.

Free Keyword Research Tools:

While these free tools can help you generate a basic keyword list, serious marketers typically use advanced, professional solutions in order to create a more powerful list of keywords. These solutions are often used to find "long-tail" keywords that contain a string of several words. Using a robust list of long-tail keywords can significantly boost or even double your current traffic. The most popular keywords simply have too much competition, but the long-tail keywords are for the most part, untapped, allowing saavy marketers to get highly targetted traffic for very little money.

Professional tools also give you an idea of the competition for a given keyword, going way beyond the simple number of searches. Some even will give you an idea of how best to optimize your pages for a given keyword, based on what your competitors are doing.

 Keyword Elite

I've seen a lot of professional keyword research tools come and go, but this one has stood the test of time.

Keyword Elite is the premiere Keyword Research and SEO tool that will help your achieve #1 rankings in Google. You could, with a lot of hard work, achieve high rankings on your own without a tool, but using something like Keyword Elite will save you hundreds of hours, allow you to target more keywords, and virtually ensure your success using its unique technology.

A must for serious marketers.

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I have used WordTracker many times, and find it a very handy tool for keyword research. WordTracker can generate lists instantly, allow you to export them, and even suggest common mispellings. An overall solid tool for doing your research.

Memberships can be purchased monthly or annually, with a free 7-day trial.

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