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Google Adwords Tips

Your success in Google Adwords rests very heavily on your ability to target the right keywords and create ads that get good clickthrough rates. Without proper targetting, you won't get a good clickthrough rate, and without a good clickthrough rate, your ad will not get much traffic, causing it to rank poorly or even get disabled.

Make no mistake: Success on Google Adwords starts with effective keyword research.

Once you are targetting the correct keywords, it goes without saying that the second important component is the ability to write a good ad that gets clicks. A good way to know what works is to spend some time looking at top ranking competitor ads. This may seem obvious but many marketers do not do this. Just spending a few minutes on each keyword you're targetting should give you plenty of ideas on types of ads are performing well for that keyword.

So let's talk a little more about what I consider the 2 important ingredients of a successful adwords campaign.

1) Keyword Research

The free keyword research tools work fine, especially if you only have one small site and plenty of time to do the research. But depending on how serious your marketing efforts are, at a certain point you may want a more robust keyword research tool that will automate much of the keyword research process and save you hundreds of hours. The best tools will not only give your adwords campaign a boost, they will help greatly with your SEO efforts as well. I recommend Keyword Elite, which is arguably the most comprehensive and powerful tool out there.

2. Creating Effective Adwords Campaigns

Writing adwords campaigns is not like traditional copywriting since you have a very limited number of words to work with, and the behavior of web surfers is sometimes hard to predict. The most important way to get the right ad up is to split-test different versions continuously. Don't assume a certain ad will be the best just because you like it. Always test at least two ads.

One great resource that gave me plenty of ideas on how to create a great Adwords ad was Adwords Miracle. Even if you are a pro at writing ads, this resource will give you some great additional insights.

Some Other Stuff

In this Google Adword Tips page, I have assumed you know the basics (like the fact that you need a halfway decent site that will meet Google's site quality standards, etc). If you are new to Adwords and want a quick overview of the basics, Perry Marshall offers a free 5-day course on his website.

Recommended Resources:

 Keyword Elite

I've seen a lot of professional keyword research tools come and go, but this one has stood the test of time.

Keyword Elite is the premiere Keyword Research and SEO tool that will help your achieve turbo-charge your Adwords campaigns. This program has built-in features that are designed to make

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Adwords Miracle 

This is an unusual Adwords course that covers 1) How to write and manage Adwords effectively and 2) How to make money. The tactics covered in this course are underground and sometimes downright brazen - however they also work. If you get only one book on Adwords, this is the one to get.

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