NOTE: This is an archived page that is no longer being updated.
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Google Adsense Tips

Here are some Google Adsense tips that I recommend based on my experiences:

1. Make your ads blend into your site
The more the ads blend in, the more likely a visitor will click on a link. Remove borders from your ads, and use similar colors to your website for the links. Try as much as possible to integrate links into your site and make them look like links within your site, not ads.

2. Check content and keyword density
Your content for each page must be focused, and the keywords you are targeting for your ad should have a density around 2 - 5%. This simply means you should repeat the keyword phrase at least twice for every 100 words on your page.

3. Position your ads prominently
Here is a Google Adsense tip that is obvious but not always implemented. Some site owners are bashful about where they place their ads. Don't be. Place them toward the top of the page, in a prominent place.

4. Don't cheat and follow the rules
Another obvious but sometimes overlooked Google adsense tip: don't cheat. Period. That means don't click on your own ads, don't hire others to click on your ads, don't put porn or gambling content on your site, and don't use scripts to generate phony clicks. Otherwise, you may be surprised at how quickly your site gets banned.

5. Use channels
You need to understand which of your ads on which sites are getting results, so remember to create channels in your Adsense interface. At a minimum, you should have a different channel for each site.

6. Try adding a Google search box
Adsense gives you the option to add a search box that delivers search results that are all sponsored links. This can be a huge moneymaker if used correctly.

7. Test different formats and color combinations
My last Google Adsense tip is simply to test different ad formats and color combinations. Different size ads and colors get different results, and you can easily improve your revenue by trying different things out.