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Expired Domain Traffic

Expired domain traffic is web traffic generated by people going to domain names that have expired. They may be directed to the domain by bookmarks, links, or even lingering search engine results. While it is unlikely that owners of domains that have lots of traffic will allow them to expire, there are quite a few domains that might get a dozen or more visitors a day, which are allowed to expire by their owners. Enterprising business people have found that by purchasing these domains, they can utilize expired domain traffic to make money.

The expired domain traffic is usually monetized in one of several ways. People who already own a Website in a related field may simply redirect the expired domain traffic to their existing site (in fact, this is one tactic for increasing traffic, endorsed by some gurus). Another way to monetize expired domain traffic is to redirect the traffic to related affiliate programs. And finally, you can set up a page with some relevant content and put up adsense ads. However, this method sounds like too much work so I would not recommend it.

So how exactly can you buy expired domains? There are generally two ways:

1) Join a service like
This web service allows you to search expiring domains and find out how much traffic the domains are getting. Tools include a domain search engine, daily appraisal reports of expiring domains with value, searchable database of domains with traffic, a notification service, and more. If you are serious of taking advantage of expired domain traffic, this is probably the best site to join. Click here for more.

2) Buy expired domain traffic from a traffic vendor
This is a second option if you do not want to find and purchase the domains yourself. Some vendors buy up expired domains and then sell the expired domain traffic. Be very careful if you choose this route. I have tried some of these services and the traffic they deliver, while cheap, is often of poor quality. I believe some of them may even be scams. Try buying a small package of expired domain traffic, and track your results. If you are happy with the quality of traffic, then slowly increase your purchases.

Buying expired domain traffic is just one of many ways to drive traffic to your site. In my opinion there are other, easier ways to get quality traffic. Consider the following options:

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