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Banner Advertising

There are generally two types of advertising:

  1. Advertising to Build Awareness
    The purpose of this type of advertising is to build a brand or raise awareness about a certain company or product. The most common way this is done is through television commercials.

  2. Advertising to Get Direct Results
    This is sometimes called "Direct Marketing." The purpose is to get someone to take action, such as buy a product or fill out a form. An example of this type of advertising is a sales letter.

If you are interested in raising awareness for your company or product, then banner advertising may be effective method to consider. In almost every other case, I do not consider banner advertising to be a good option. In recent years, banner advertising has made a bit of a comeback, but I continue to believe it is not the best way to get clicks to your site. Even when you get results with banner ads, it is often likely that if had you spent the same time and effort on another form of advertising, you probably would have gotten better results.

If you are interested in getting traffic to your site, consider these other methods before trying banner advertising.