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Marketing Tools

Autoresponder Programs

An autoresponder program is a relatively simple program that automatically responds to email that is sent to it. Certain autoresponders also work by automatically responding to people filling out web forms.

The most common use for autoresponders are for sales and subscription confirmations. However, an autoresponder can also be used as a powerful marketing tool. Used as the latter, an autoresponder will typically work in the following way:

  1. A Web visitor interested in a certain product or service will be asked to complete a form with their email so they can be sent more information
  2. The prospect will then receive an email with the promised information. At a later date, the autoresponder program will send the prospect a follow-up email or series of emails at regular intervals, thus launching an email marketing campaign on auto-pilot.

As is well known in marketing, most people do not purchase something the first time they hear about it. A typical prospect may need to be contacted multiple times before they actually decide to buy. This is where the sequential, follow-up autoresponders are especially effective. By sending a series of emails, a prospect will gradually become more comfortable with your company or product, and the chances of making a sale are boosted siginificantly. Many people have made a killing using sequential autoresponders as a primary marketing tool.

Here are some resources for people interested in using autoresponders in their marketing efforts:

 GetResponse Autoresponder Service

This is THE #1 service you should be using for your autoresponders. For a small monthly fee, you can set up an unlimited number of autoresponder campaigns, and you can send messages daily, weekly, or any other interval you choose. Emails can be in HTML, plain text, or a combination. Convenient video tutorials show you how to quickly use the system. I use GetReponse myself and recommend it highly.

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 AWeber Communications

This is another highly popular email marketing tool, which is very similar to GetReponse in its features. I have not personally used AWeber, but know that it is a very popular choice used by many marketers and I feel confident recommending it as a potential email marketing tool based on the feedback I have gotten about this product. A special $1 signup promotion is available through this link.

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