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Online Article Marketing

Online Article Marketing is one of the most effective free ways to promote your site. By writing a short article around 500 words and submitting it to article sites, you can attract numerous web visitors to your site. Each time you write an article, you are allowed to offer biographical information and a link to your site. This can benefit you in two main ways: 1) You can get traffic to your site from these links, and 2) these links to your site end up raising the link popularity of your site, driving up your site's rankings on search engines.

The main hurdles most people face with article marketing are:

  1. Writing the articles: Let's face it, not everyone can crank out 500-word articles on a daily or even weekly basis.

  2. Submitting the article to more than one place without being penalized: A lot of marketers believe that submitting their article to 100 article directories will get them a lot of links. However, most search engines penalize "duplicate content," so it is unlikely more than one of your articles will show up on the search engines. For ideas on how to submit one article to many places without being penalized, keep reading...

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Given these challenges, here are some quick and easy solutions:

  1. Get others to write your articles: It can cost a lot less than you think to have others write the articles for you. The easiest way to find someone to write articles for you is to use sites like Elance. For those who are not familiar with Elance, it is an online marketplace where you can quickly hire contractors to do work for you. Prices are always low since contractors bid for your work. Click Here to Find out More About Elance

  2. Use Article Spinning Software to create many different versions of your article: In recent years, clever marketers have been using "article spinners," which are software programs that create different versions of a single article. The problem is that many spinners are junk, and provide poorly written or awkward sounding articles. Don't skimp if you are looking for an article spinner. You get what you pay for. If you don't know where to start, consider the highly acclaimed Magic Article Rewriter and Submitter or Mass Article Control Software Suite. Both software allow you to create hundreds of articles off of a single seed article, and submit those articles automatically to hundreds of directories.

With Online Article Marketing, you might not get a load of traffic overnight, but if you work at it and continue adding articles consistently, you will eventually receive a sizeable amount of free traffic. For this reason, it is a crucial element of any good web marketing effort.

Online Article Marketing Resources:

 Magic Article Rewriter and Submitter - HOT!

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Magic Article Rewriter allows you to quickly rewrite articles and spin many different versions. The Submitter, on the other hand, automatically creates accounts for you at hundreds of article directories and automates the entire submission process. Watch videos of the software in action here.

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 Mass Article Control - HOT!

With this program, you can create hundreds of articles from a single seed article, and submit them to numerous directories with a click of the button using the Mass Article Submitter.

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