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Adwords Miracle Review

adwords miracleI found Adwords Miracle to be a bit of an unusual book. Usually, Adword products focus almost entirely on how to write and manage ads effectively for Google Adwords. While Adwords Miracle does do an excellent job of covering this topic, it also branches into some little-known tactics of how you can make money with Adwords. In a sense, it is similar to the Google Cash book from a couple years ago, but you might consider it an advanced, updated version that deals with a lot of current concerns, such as how sites can deal with the "Google Slap," as well as how to quickly recover from deactivated listings.

At first glance, I thought Adwords Miracle was going to be a typical Adwords book. Indeed, the book starts out by covering the basics such as how to open an Adwords account. It wasn't until I reached the section about writing ads that I discovered how different this book is. The techniques the author describes are quite brazen and sneaky, to say the least. And yet, if you think about it logically, it is quite obvious why these techniques work so well.

The final section, called "Special Themes" was the most worthwhile for me, since it provided new insights on ways to make money with Adwords. This section is really more about affiliate marketing with Adwords, but because it provides quick and relatively easy ways to make cash, it should be of interest to anyone running an Adwords campaign.

The Adwords Miracle course comes with bonus ebooks as well as videos. Overall, this is an excellent product that quickly and concisely teaches how to write and manage ads effectively and make money with your campaigns.

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