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Adbrite Review

adbrite Adbrite is a relatively new advertising network with over 116,000 participating sites and over 270 million page impressions served daily. Some major partners include Friendster, Excite, Ringo, Tickle, and other notable sites. For both publishers and advertisers, Adbrite's basic function is similar to Google Adsense/Adwords, and it offers an additional, relatively untapped channel for getting traffic to your site.

For Publishers:
If you own a website that you would like to place ads on, you can use Adbrite to place text/banner ads or interstitial ads. Much like Adsense, the system is easy to use, and you can simply copy/paste the code provided by Adbrite to set up your ads. Text links can be customized in terms of font colors, background, etc.

For Advertisers:
With Adbrite, you can specify geographical location, category, or keywords to use in targeting your ads on the network. Adbrite ads work much like Google Adwords, and like Adwords, you can split test different ads. Conversion tracking is also available.

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Advertisers can place ads on specific sites for a flat fee.

Another option with Adbrite is to target specific websites and buy "full time placement" on these sites. This can be done by paying a flat fee to have your ad appear on a site for a day, a week, or a month. This is a great way to utilize AdBrite, as these full time placements can get you some traffic as well as possibly boost your site's link popularity, which will help you with search engines rankings.

Should you use Adbrite?
When I first I began running ads on Adbrite, I was not too impressed with the traffic quality. However, I have noticed significant improvement in recent months, and I now believe Adbrite is a great additional channel for running ads. Adbrite's traffic in general costs a lot less than Adwords, and may be worth considering for competitive keywords that are too costly on other networks.

The Adbrite system is fast and easy to work with. The user interface is at least as easy to use as the Google interface, and quite a bit quicker and more intuitive than the Yahoo Search Marketing Network.

I encourage you to set up an Adbrite account and test the traffic yourself to see how well it works for you. It only took me about 2 minutes to sign up and get started.



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