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Investment Resources

Stock Market Investing

Despite a mixed performance over recent years, I believe that stock market investing is still one of the best long-term investments one can make. The reason for this is that over the long run, stocks have outperformed just about every other type of investment vehicle. According to Ibbotson Associates, stocks have historically returned an average of around 10% per year since 1925. This is just the average return, and if you use a well-known, reliable stock analysis newsletter like Valueline or the Prudent Speculator, your returns can be much better, often in the 15-20% range or more.

Mutual Funds
I am not a big fan of mutual funds, as most mutual funds under perform market indices like the S&P 500. This means that you would often be better off buying an index fund (like the Vanguard 500) or Exchange Traded Funds/ETFs like Spiders (SPY) or Diamonds (DIA), which track the S&P Index and Dow Jones Average, respectively. If you like to invest in Mutual Funds, make sure you check mutual fund rating services like Morningstar or the Investor's Business Daily, which regularly lists top-rated mutual funds and tracks their performance.

Day Trading
I believe most people should avoid day trading altogether. Commissions and the bid-ask spread will eat away at any profits you make, unless you really know what you're doing.

Here is a list of stock market resources I recommend:


Valueline is a well known and well-respected investment survey/newsletter that has stood the test of time. It's "Timeliness 1" stocks have averaged over 14% a year since the mid 60's. Valueline is one of the top resources I used for my stock research and investments. Read our full review of Valueline.

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 Big Charts

Big charts is a completely free and excellent online charting service. You can access basic charts, or customize Big Charts for your own needs by including everything from moving averages, Bollinger bands, stochastics, MACD, and more!

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 Investor's Business Daily

Investor's Business Daily is, in my opinion, the best newspaper for serious investors. Full of great investment ideas, IBD not only covers top stocks based on EPS and Relative Strength ratings, it also rates mutual funds and Industry sectors. Best when used with William O'Neil's CANSLIM stock strategy.

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 Hulbert Financial Digest

The Hulbert Financial Digest is an independent service that ranks and tracks the performance of financial newsletters. It provides you with an unbiased source to find out the historical returns of well-known newsletters, based on data going back over 20 years. If you are considering subscribing to financial newsletters, the Hulbert Financial Digest is an invaluable resource for finding the best newsletters to follow.

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