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PremiereTrade, promoted on late night infomercials, is the latest trading software offered by people who I suspect are related to Wizetrade, given the similar design of their website. The infomercial features people who have made great profits in the FOREX market, sometimes thousands of dollars in one day, and emphasizes how easy the software is to use. Viewers are invited to attend a 2-hour workshop, which is held on different dates in hotels all across the US.

I have not been to a workshop yet (I just missed the ones in my area) but have heard from people that it is well done, and utlimately designed to sell you the PremiereTrade software, which costs around $3000. I'm told the software has very good charting features and red/green coloring to indicate buy/sell points. However, it is up to the user to interpret the charts and make their own trading decisions.

The feedback that I have gotten is that the software is indeed good, and provides useful information. But the issue most people have with it seems to be the price. Personally, I am reluctant to pay $3000 for any trading software, but if someone can afford it and finds it to be useful, then I suppose it is worth it to them.

One final thing you should know if you are considering PremiereTrade or Forex Trading, is that Forex is considered the riskiest market to trade. Part of this is because of the insane leverage that some brokers allow. 100 to 1 leverage is not uncommon, and when you are that highly leveraged, a small move in the market can instantly wipe out your account unless you use good money management techniques.

As always, you should paper trade any system for at least a couple months before you trade real money.