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Michael Parness Review

michael parnessWhen I first saw Michael Parness' infomercial about stock trading, I dismissed it as just another stock market course where the only one making money was the person selling the course. Yet, curiosity eventually made me go out and buy his book, entitled Rule the Freakin' Markets.

I was pleasantly surprised at how much good information the book contained. It was actually a pretty solid book on all the basics of stock trading. His full course consists of a workbook, numerous DVDs and CDs, and all sorts of materials designed to allow you to learn his techniques in a more interactive format. No doubt, Michael Parness will expose you to valid trading methods that have worked for many people, but don't believe that just because you get the course, you will be a successful trader. Trading stocks successfully involves tons of knowledge, good psychology, and oftentimes, years of practice. You may or may not have success with his program - it is too difficult to say because so much depends on the individual trader. But trading is a very competitive, emotional, and risky business, so you will need a strong stomach if you decide to try it.

Michael Parness also runs a membership website,, where people can sign up at different levels for various services.

If you are dead-set on becoming a trader, Michael Parness' materials should provide you with some good information. My personal belief about stock trading is that it is best done on a long-term basis using services like Valueline. There are frankly much easier ways to make money than becoming a professional trader.