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Jim Cramer Review

In 2005, Jim Cramer began hosting a daily, 1 hour show on CNBC called "Mad Money." I instantly became a fan, watching the show 2 - 3 times a week on a regular basis.

Mad Money is frankly, a combination of education and entertainment. On the one hand, you have Cramer's two decades of experience on Wall Street, and he often provides some good insights into what is going on in the market. But on the other, you also have his over-the-top style and crazy props which sometimes make it hard to take him seriously.

To be sure, Cramer's style breathes life into an otherwise dry subject. And for a show that many critics dimiss as mere entertainment, the show actually does deliver a lot of sound investment advice, as well as buy/sell recommendations that Cramer is not shy about dishing out. In a segment called "The Lightning Round," Jim Cramer takes random calls from viewers, and after each caller names a stock, Cramer makes a brief comment on the stock followed by his opinion on whether to buy, sell, or hold the stock.

In late 2007, Cramer gained much attention for losing his cool on TV completely as he ranted about how much trouble the banking industry is in. It turns out he was spot on in this observation as a year later, the banking industry started to collapse.

So who exactly is Jim Cramer and why is he qualified to be giving out stock market advice so openly on TV? Well, for one, he is a Harvard grad and a former successful hedge fund manager. Prior to his popularity with CNBC, he ran a hedge fund for 15 years and delivered his investors an annualized return of 24% after all fees.

So despite the fact that he is a certifiable hot-head and quite a character overall, it might do well to take at least some of the things he says seriously.