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5-Point Star Trader System

This is a stock and options trading course currently being promoted on infomercials. You are first invited to attend a free workshop, where the system is explained briefly, in about 2 hours. You then have the option to attend a 3-day workshop, which surprisingly is very reasonably priced. At the free workshop I attended, it was offered for only $299, then later reduced to $99 if people signed up that day. I was expecting something around $3000, since that is what I paid for a very similar seminar offered by the company a few years ago.

The first day covers the 5-Point Star Trader System. It is called the 5-Point Star because there are 5 points that are considered before a decision is made to buy or sell a stock. These five points are

  1. Technical Indicators
  2. Fundamentals
  3. Sentiment
  4. News
  5. Economy

The second day is devoted to options trading. Topics include such things as purchasing protective puts as well as making spread trades. The conventional wisdom is to avoid options trading because it is too risky. Personally, I think most people are better off avoiding options, but in some cases, for advanced traders, it can be used to juice returns or protect existing positions from downside risk.

The third day is about ETFs (which stand for Exchange Traded Funds). An example of an ETF is something like the QQQQs, Diamonds, or SPDRs. The seminar encourages students to trade ETFs instead of mutual funds, a suggestion that I, for the most part, agree with.

For people who have the time to do their own stock analysis, the 5-Point Star Trader System is a good place to start.

These days, I am often too busy to perform detailed individual stock analysis, so I rely heavily on services like Valueline, which I recommend highly to people who want solid, reliable advice from a reputable stock market newsletter that has delivered solid results for over 40 years.

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