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Bags and Bows Promo Codes

Every business that sells physical products needs to have some kind of packaging. That's where Bags and Bows comes in. A great product will appear cheap if the packaging is poor. Likewise, a relatively mediocre product will give the impression of being high-quality if it's wrapped in some impressive packaging. Bags, boxes, and other related items can therefore make the difference between success and failure. In almost all cases, good packaging will end up benefiting you greatly. But you don't necessarily have to incur a large cost for bags, boxes, and bows you purchase online. By using the Bags and Bows coupon codes below, you can get some great deals on orders you place online.

Get 15% Off All Orders
( Promo code will be applied automatically )

Free Shipping on Orders Over $500

Save Up to 50% on Clearance Items

How the Promo Code Works

At most online stores, you will need to copy or write down a promo code. Once you are done shopping and checking out, you will them be required to paste or type in the coupon code at that time. If you forget to do this (and many people do by that point), you will not get the discount you had planned on getting. And even if you do remember to paste in the correct coupon code, many codes that are offered by coupon sites are out of date, and you will frequently have to try numerous codes before you find one that works.

Bags and Bows coupons, on the other hand, are much easier to use. You do not even have to copy or write down a code. Rather, all you need to do is click the link below, and your promo code will automatically be applied. Thereafter, it doesn't matter how long you spend at the Bags and Bows website. Once you arrive at the checkout page, your code will be prefilled in the appropriate field, and your savings will be automatically calculated for you (see below).

coupon code being applied at checkout screen

Therefore, to take advantage of any of the deals on this page, all you need to do is click the appropriate link on this page. Once you do that, you can be assured that the discount you selected will be applied at the appropriate time.

Additional Tips for Saving Money at Bags and Bows

Using the Bags and Bows promo codes isn't the only way you can save money at the online store. Here are a few other techniques you can use.

  1. Check out the clearance/sales page.
    This is the first thing you should do, as you may find a product that suits your need, and if you do, your savings can be as large as 50%. Note that even when you buy clearance items, you are still eligible to use a coupon for 15% off. When both of these things are combined, you can literally get some great products at a fraction of the price you are used to paying. Typical items in the "Sales Room" include bags, boxes, gift basket supplies, gift wrap, ribbons and bows, and tissue paper.

  2. Make sure your orders are over $500.
    Why $500? Because that's the point at which you will be eligible for free shipping. Remember, you are ordering paper products, and paper can weight a lot. This means that if you place orders under $500, you could end up paying $60 or more for shipping. Clearly, it's in your best interest to place large orders infrequently than a bunch of small orders repeatedly. Note the free shipping utilizes UPS Ground delivery in the contiguous United States only.

How to Make the Most of Your Purchase

One of the best things about Bags and Bows is that they give you the ability to personalize your order. This means you can add your logo and other company information. This is a terrific opportunity to brand your company, and you should definitely take advantage of it. To add your logo to a bag or box, you must first select the product you want to personalize. Then, you can have your logo either hot-stamped (on foil) or imprinted using ink. You can further add other artwork if you want to add even more character to your product. Personalizing a product is easy, and can be done in 3 steps (see below).

steps for ordering personalized products

A personalized product will take a bit more time to process (usually 9 - 10 days after proof approval). Whenever you personalize an order, you are assigned a consultant, who will work with you to make sure your product will come out just the way you want. Keep in mind, these consultants have worked with thousands of customers and will be able to help you achieve your goal. Bags and Bows employs highly skilled designers, so you will be in good hands when you work with one of their consultants (see below for more).


Personalized products usually cost quite a bit more than blank or pre-printed designs (in most cases, personalized products will exceed $500 in price). Because of the high cost, it's especially important to remember to use one of the Bags and Bows coupons on this page when you place this type of order.

In addition to their regular product line, Bags and Bows also offers special products during holidays. The video below, for example, shows you some products that were offered last Valentine's Day.

While the company mostly sells bags, bows, and boxes, they do offer a few other products that may be of interest to you, especially if you are in the retail business. Some of the additional products you can order include gift certificates, basket fillers, labels, and other similar items.