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Yanik Silver Review

Yanik Silver is a well-known Internet marketer who offers a whole suite of marketing products. When buying a product from a marketer, you want to make sure the person selling the product has successfully used the techniques himself. Yanik Silver has, and over the years, he has created a number of highly successful money-making Websites.

I couple years ago, I bought his ebook, 33 days to Online Profits, and found it to be very helpful. For $29, it provides a great deal of practical information. What I especially liked about the book was that it introduces many different ways to market a site. Most products I've bought in the past tend to focus on 1 or 2 techniques, while 33 days is remarkably broad in what it covers, offering chapters on sales letters, Adwords, E-zines, autoresponders, Yahoo, forums, and more. If you are having trouble coming up with new ways to market your site, this book will definitely give you a lot of ideas.

Other products by Yanik Silver include ebooks on copywriting, more in-depth marketing courses, videos, and more. All of his products are high-quality, and he has a great reputation in the industry. Below is a comprehensive list of Yanik Silver's products that are currently available.

 Instant Sales Letters

This is quite an ingenious product that allows you to answer a few questions and instantly generate a highly effective sales letter. It uses 39 fill-in-the-blank templates, so right off the bat you have a nice variety of sales letters to work with.

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 33 Days to Online Profits

A step-by-step guide to setting up your own profitable online business. Very comprehensive and full of useful information. Follow this book and you could have a successful business in just one month. Available as both a standalone ebook OR as an ebook + video.

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 Instant Internet Profits (6-Week Course)

This is the 6-week in-depth course that many people have used to create highly profitable Internet businesses. It comes with a manual, audio files, a disk with templates, and a free Website review. If you are seeking an comprehensive step-by-step course, this may be what you are looking for.

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 21 Mind Motivators (Audio Course)

21 of the world’s most powerful psychological tactics to increase sales and profits. This audio is almost 4 hours long and packed with 21 proven techniques you can use to instantly boost sales and conversions for your business. By Yanik Silver and Alex Mandosian.

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 Web Copy Secrets (Audio Program)

This program gives you a whopping 6 hours of audio. Contains hour-long conversations with the absolute top copywriters working today, including: Marlon Sanders, Joe Vitale, Yanik Silver, Jonathan Mizel, and more.

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 Auto Responder Magic

This ebook will give you numerous examples of autoresponders that have proven to get results. If you are having trouble coming up with good autoresponder messages, you can benefit from this compilation of effective autoresponders that have been used by top Internet marketers.

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 Million Dollar Emails

This ebook is a collection of some of the most effective emails ever written. The best way to learn this art is to study example after example of what has worked for such famous marketers as Cory Rudl, Robert G. Allen and Joe Vitale. Lots of useful information on how to get results with emails.

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