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Wholesale Drop Shipping

Wholesale drop shipping is a great way for an online store merchant or Ebay seller to deliver goods to a customer without keeping their own inventory. It is a fast, hands-off, convenient way to sell online and it generally works as follows:

  1. You sign an agreement with a wholesale drop shipping firm and pay a monthly subscription fee.
  2. The wholesale drop shipping company keeps goods in its warehouse, and you can browse what to sell online.
  3. You put the items you want to sell on your site or on Ebay
  4. When you receive an order, you log into your wholesale drop shipping account, purchase the item, and have it shipped directly to your customer's address.
  5. The customer receives the item from the wholesale drop shipper. The shipping label will have the name of your business on it, and they will never even know you used a drop shipper.

Wholesale drop shipping is clearly a convenient way to sell goods since it solves two very big headaches - the time and cost of managing your own inventory, and the hassle of packaging and sending out merchandise.

In return for the convenience they provide, most wholesale drop shipping companies charge a monthly fee to be a member, but this is usually a reasonable charge given the services provided, ranging from around $29 monthly and up.

For online store merchants and Ebay sellers, using a wholesale drop shipping firm is probably the easiest way to get started selling goods quickly. You literally only need to find the item you want to sell, paste the pictures and description provided, and you are ready to go. There is, however, a great deal of price competition on Ebay, so it may take some time finding items that make you a good profit. One possible strategy is to make a very small profit on each item and sell large quantities.

For those considering using a wholesale drop shipping solution, here are two well-known sources:


Doba is very large drop shipping service that provides wholesale drop shipping on over 250,000 products. Product categories include apparel, electronics, computers, home and garden, jewelry, kitchen items, gifts, and more. Doba now offers a lowest price guarantee on their items.

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Worldwide Brands

This is one of the largest and most respected sources for wholesale drop shippers on the Internet. With millions of products available for wholesale drop shipping or bulk purchase, this is a great source for drop shipping just about any kind of product. Worldwide Brands has a very high member satisfaction rate of 98%.

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