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Wade Cook Review

Since the 80s, Wade Cook has offered seminars in real estate and stock market investing. He has also written numerous books on both subjects.

Wade Cook's books have generally been well-received and some have even been bestsellers. Among his most notable books are Wall Street Money Machine, and Real Estate Money Machine. They offer good information and may be worth checking out if you are interested in these topics.

Originally, Wade Cook offered real estate seminars teaching many popular techniques, such as flipping properties for a quick profit. Later, he began offering stock market and investing seminars instead. Typically, people were asked to attend a free seminar first, where they received a 2 hour + pitch for more expensive, multiple-day seminars which in the past cost anywhere from $4000 - $10,000, depending on which seminar you attended.

Needless to say, some of these seminars were very overpriced. Although I have not been to a Wade Cook seminar, I have attended other seminars costing $3000 or more, and do not attend them any more, since I have found that most of the time, you can find equally good information for much less, provided you do your research and shop around.

Recently, Wade Cook's company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. His books are still sold everywhere, but for the time being, it seems he is not offering any more seminars.

You may learn some useful things from Wade Cook's books, but I would avoid his seminars because they are way too expensive, and the feedback I've received about them have been, at best, mixed.