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SMC Reviewed

SMC has some infomercials that they run once in a while, describing how ordinary people are making money through their program. I have obtained information from SMC a few times and did some research about this company, but never got involved myself.

Although SMC appears to be a perfectly legitimate business, I am unsure whether or not it's possible to make serious money with this opportunity. The product line seems to consist mostly of gift-oriented items like figurines and clocks. If you are interested in this type of merchandise, it certainly seems possible to make money marketing these products in one way or another. Over the Internet, there are at least two major ways to sell SMC's products:

Of course, there are ways to sell these items offline as well. Just be aware that SMC has been around for a long time, so there are bound to be a lot of other people trying to sell the same items. It is probably harder to make money offline selling SMC products than you might first imagine, especially since many big stores like Walmart carry the same products for less, supposedly through a deal that one SMC member made with them.

If you have been involved with SMC and would like to provide feeback on this program, please contact us.