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Russ Dalbey Review
Winning in the Cash Flow Business

Behind Russ Dalbey's cheesy infomercial, there is actually a legitimate business opportunity being presented, and "Winning in the Cash Flow Business" serves as a solid introduction to the little-known but lucrative note brokering business. I had previously heard of people brokering mortgage notes and making good money, so I decided to check out Russ Dalbey's course. It comes with a DVD, 2 Audio CDs, and 3 manuals. The information does a good job of covering the basics of running a note business.

For those not familiar with note brokering, it is basically a business where you 1) find privately held mortgages or notes, 2) negotiate a price for that note, then 3) sell that note to a buyer, in this case by utilizing Russ Dalbey's website (called America's Note Network). Your profit is the difference in price between what you paid for the note and what you sell it for. This profit is much like a finder's fee that you charge for finding and listing the note. Sometimes the profit can be tens of thousands of dollars for a single note transaction, and there is definitely great potential for making a lot of money.

russ dalbeySo does the program work? Like any other business, your results depend on your individual efforts. Note brokering is a proven business, where people have been making money for some time, but it does require knowledge and a lot of trial and error to be successful. The most difficult part of the business is actually finding the notes, which you can only do well after building a large network of contacts and spending many hours on the phone every day. Fortunately, the course offers some good ideas for building such a network, and the hard work definitely does pay off. I have actually gotten feedback from people who make over $10,000 a month using Russ Dalbey's program.

I have found that it is pretty difficult to find good information about getting started in this business. Russ Dalbey's course is worth checking out since it gives you all the basic information you need in one easy to follow, well organized course.


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