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A Review of Paid Online Surveys

While people do make money taking with paid online surveys, most companies make it sound a lot easier than it actually is. Yes, you can sometimes get as much as $25 or more by filling out a single paid online survey, but the catch is that you cannot simply take as many surveys as you like. In most cases, you must be registered with many different survey companies, and you must receive an invitation from one of these companies before you take the survey. And the bulk of the paid online surveys you are invited to take will only pay $1 - $5. So in order to make a reasonable supplemental income with surveys (say, a few hundred dollars a month), you will first need to be registered with as many survey companies as possible. Then, you will need to sift through hundreds of emails each day to find surveys worth taking. The best way to register with paid online survey companies is to join a website like Survey Scout, which gives you access to a database of hundreds of companies you can join.

Here are the general steps you should take if you want to get started taking paid online surveys to make some extra income:

  1. Set up a new email account with a free service like Yahoo or Hotmail. Use this account only for your survey registrations, so you will get all your invitations into a single email account that is separate from your personal email address.
  2. Sign up with as many survey companies as you can. In order to do this, it is best to join a service that lists hundreds of survey companies (see our list of recommended companies at the bottom of this page). To build up the list of companies you are registered with, try to sign up for a few each day. After a month, you should be listed with over 100.
  3. Check your email daily - survey companies will email you when they want you to take a survey. Most will pay $1 or $2, but if you register with a lot of survey companies, you will get some offers for a lot more.
  4. Take the surveys and collect the cash or prizes. Cash payments are usually sent via check or through Paypal.

Below are a list of recommended resources you should consider if you want to make a supplemental income taking paid online surveys:

 Survey Scout

I have a membership at this site and in addition to providing great general advice about taking surveys, they list hundreds of companies to register with. With over 400 companies listed, this is one of the best services to subscribe to. The one time membership fee is $34.95. Free bonuses include "Get paid to drive," "Get paid to read email" and other offers.

>> Find Out More About Survey Scout

 Survey Platinum

Another great site with a survey database of 400+ companies, available for $34.95/month. Bonuses include dozens of free ebooks and 250 free business cards.

>> Find Out More About Paid Surveys Online

 Get Cash for Surveys

For a one time fee of $37, you get access to over 300 survey companies and opportunities that include: online surveys, online focus groups, product testing, and phone surveys. Offers free software that allows you to complete surveys quicker.

>> Find Out More About Get Cash for Surveys

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