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Marlon Sanders

"The Amazing Formula That Sells Products Like Crazy"
 and Other Products

Marlon Sanders is widely known and well-respected in the field of marketing, and with good reason. I have purchased his product, "The Amazing Formula That Sells Products Like Crazy," and found that it contained very good information about marketing. Although much of the focus is on promoting products online, Marlon Sanders also offers traditional and offline marketing advice, so it is really suitable for any business that wants to sell more. This course teaches marketing principles that can apply to almost any type of business.

The "Amazing Formula" literally teaches a formula you can follow to sell more products. In fact, it is a direct marketing formula based on sound principles and if you follow them closely, you should make money. Some of the things Marlon Sanders emphasizes are the importance of having your own product, developing a list, finding a target market, and creating back end products.

If you are strictly interested in running a Web business (especially selling products online), his new product, "Gimme me Money Now," is probably more appropriate, since this product is more of a step-by-step guide on creating money-making Websites.

Here is a list of products available from Marlon Sanders:

 Gimme My Money Now

A step-by-step system on how to make money with a simple 2-page Website. This system has been tested and used by Marlon Sanders repeatedly to make money over the last few years. Comes with a CD Rom and a 139 page book.

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 The Amazing Formula That Sells Products Like Crazy

Presents a proven formula for selling products. Regardless of what you sell, you will benefit from the wealth of information provided by this program. Many important aspects of marketing a product are covered in detail.

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 Create Your Products Now

Creating your own product is a major hurdle for many new marketers. This system shows you can create a hot product in minimal time. Comes with a bonus step-by-step workbook and flowchart.

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 Push Button Sales Letter Software

This software package will allow you to create a customized, professional sales letter by simply filling out some blanks and clicking a button. A great way to instantly generate a quality sales letter, sometimes in a matter of minutes.

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 Cash Like Clockwork System

This is the 8-CD, complete system that includes all of Marlon Sander's major products, including the Amazing Formula, Gimme My Money, Create Your Own Products, and more. Save thousands over buying them separately.

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