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Ken Evoy Review
Site Build It / Free Ebooks

Ken Evoy is a doctor and inventor who also became an Internet marketer in the late 90s. Both he and a number of his partners have written free ebooks on topics that range from affiliate marketing to web copywriting. You can download these free ebooks directly from our site. I have found that his ebooks are very informative, and some of them are actually much better than information products I have paid money for.

Ken Evoy's company also provides a number of marketing and web development tools, the most notable one being Site Build It (SBI). SBI is a robust web management tool that assists the developer in all aspects of creating and marketing a site. If you are just getting started out in a web business, and are not very familiar with how to put up a site, how to submit to search engines, and how to market your site, then a tool like SBI will get you off the ground quickly and efficiently. I only wish there was a tool like this available when I first started out. Unfortunately, there wasn't, so I ended up learning web design, programming, and web marketing all on my own. Over the years, I have used numerous Webmastering tools, and I must say that for the price, SBI offers an incredible number of features and functionalities.

SBI has helped many entrepreneurs develop their own profitable businesses. Amazingly, over half of the people who use SBI end up having sites that are in the top 6% in terms of popularity on the Internet. That by itself almost makes it worthwhile to buy this product.

I highly recommend products by Ken Evoy. Here is a list of his top products:

 Site Build It

Ken Evoy's flagship product, Site Build It (SBI) has helped people build, manage, and promote their site. An incredible 51% of the sites built with SBI end up in the top 6% of all sites in terms of popularity.

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 Downloadable Ebooks - FREE!

The following 4 ebooks by Ken Evoy can be downloaded from our site for free: