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Jim Edwards Review

Jim Edwards is a well known speaker, writer, and author of many successful ebooks. His ebooks generally cover topics on Internet marketing, and include such topics as writing/selling ebooks, getting more web traffic, and making money online. I have read a couple of his ebooks, including 33 days to Online Profits, which he wrote with Yanik Silver, and found his ebooks to be very informative.

Jim Edwards' latest product, called "Mini-Site Creator Home Study Course," is a comprehensive audio and video course that teaches you exactly how to create your own moneymaking "Mini-Sites" from scratch. The course comes with many bonuses and extra features, including free HTML software, free hosting, and numerous pre-designed web templates. I have not used the Mini-site Creator myself because I already know how to make Websites, but since there were no resources like this available when I was getting started (in the late 90s), I can appreciate the value of this type of product. Streamlined courses like this could save you hundreds of hours, and since this product has received very good reviews and was even covered by USA Today Online, it is probably the most complete and effective crash course you can get on building Websites. Click here to read another, more in-depth review of this course.

Listed below are the products offered by Jim Edwards, with brief comments on each:

 Mini-Site Creator Home Study Course

This is the highly anticipated course that teaches you everything you need to know in order to create your own Mini-sites capable of raking in some serious cash. It is designed to take you from a complete novice to being able to create multiple mini-sites quickly and efficiently. Contains over 5 hours of audio and video, and many extras such as free software and free hosting.

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 Affiliate Business Blueprint

Delivered in 2 MP3 teleseminars, this "blueprint" provides insights and secrets used by two super affiliates. While running an affiliate business is extremely lucrative, it is much harder than most people think. Learn from the experts!

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 Turn Words Into Traffic

This highly successful ebook teaches you how to drive traffic to your site by writing and submitting articles. This is a free but under-utilized way to get hundreds of extra visitors to your site each day.

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 Ebook Secrets Exposed

Learn exactly how to make tons of money by selling your own ebook. Jim Edwards has written and sold a half dozen highly successful ebooks himself, and he definitely knows what he is talking about. If you are going to try this business, you must learn from someone who has actually done it. Jim Edwards has.

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 How To Write Your Own eBook In 7 Days!

This is a step-by-step guide on how to write and sell your own ebook, with an emphasis on how to get the job done efficiently (in as little as 7 days). Jim Edwards provides a ton of other helpful information, such as how to find a hot market, how to edit, how to publish and market your ebook.

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 33 Days to Online Profits

Written by both John Edwards and Yanik Silver, this is a step-by-step guide to setting up your own profitable online business. Very comprehensive and full of useful information. Follow this book and you could have a successful business in just one month. Available as both a standalone ebook OR as an ebook + video.

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