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Home Typing Jobs

"Home Typing Jobs" or "Type at Home" opportunities fall into the same category as Data Entry programs, and basically promise the same thing. The companies that offer home typing job programs will tell you that you can earn thousands a day by simply spending some time typing.

After looking at a number of these programs, I have found that most require a lot more than simply typing. Typically, the home typing job opportunity involves writing online ads that will supposedly get people to click and buy products that you promote through affiliate programs. As you know, writing good ad copy does involve typing, but it is not the same thing as typing. Many top advertising professionals spend many years honing the craft of writing good ad copy, so it probably is not reasonable to expect to make a killing simply by buying a "home typing" program and putting up a few ads. Also, there is considerable competition in this field since the same general moneymaking technique is promoted by other programs like Google Cash, although the latter does not represent itself as a simple "home typing" opportunity.

In a nutshell, home typing jobs work as follows:

  1. You sign up for an affiliate site like Clickbank, which gives you the ability to promote hundreds of products and receive a commission check for the sales you generate.
  2. You write ads for these products, and place these ads on the Google or Yahoo network. Who pays to have these ads placed? You do.
  3. If people click your ads and make purchases, you get paid your commissions.

The key to making money then, is to spend less on advertising than what you make in commissions. If you can't do this, you will lose money.

So home typing jobs are not really about home typing, but about writing online ads. If you can do this well you are probably already making money. While it is definitely possible to make money using this method, it is also much more difficult than it seems, and not just a simple matter of typing for money.

If you are interested in writing online ads and making money, I recommend Adwords Miracle, which is the best product I've found on the subject of writing profitable ads.

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