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Holly Mann

Ebook: Breakthrough Money Making Secrets
(aka 'Honest Riches,' 'No Thank You Rich Jerk')

holly mannI first decided to purchase Holly Mann's ebook because I found her story compelling. For those who don't know, Holly Mann is a disabled vet and a mom who was in financial trouble. She moved to Thailand with her infant son to live less expensively while she tried to start an Internet business, and within 4 months, she was making $12,000 a month in profits.

'Breakthrough Money Making Secrets' (aka Honest Riches) is an ebook that mostly deals with affiliate program marketing, although other topics, such as Ebay and Dropshipping are also covered. To be honest, I did not believe I would learn anything new here, since I had been running affiliate websites for 8 years now. But I was pleasantly surprised to find that Holly Mann not only laid out the business in a well-organized, easy-to-follow way, but also provided tons of resources and ideas, many of which were either new to me, or provided new insights in some form or another. Even veteran marketers will find this information concise and useful.

A common hurdle that prevents many people from starting affiliate businesses is the need to have a website. Fortunately, Holly Mann offers ways around this, providing people without technical knowledge or the ability to build a website with many alternative ways to tap into affiliate marketing.

The ebook does contain a lot of affiliate links to products that Holly Mann recommends, and some may find this a bit of a turnoff. I personally expect any good affiliate to be selling on the backend, and if they didn't, I quite frankly would question their marketing ability. Moreover, the resources Holly Mann links to are directly relevant to topics she is addressing, so I did not mind at all.

An update to the book was released for 2007. Honest Riches 2 is only $37, which is a steal considering the quality and quantity of information provided. This is one of the best affiliate marketing products I have come across recently. Highly recommended.



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