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Federal Government Grants

Each year, the US government makes up to 400 billion available in federal government grants, which can be used for a variety of purposes including starting a business, paying student loans, and other needs that may come up. The bottom line is that for almost for every kind of financial need, there is usually some form of federal government grant money available. With so many grant programs out there, the average person is typically not aware of the many opportunities that exist.

This has lead to an entire industry of people offering information about federal government grants. Some people sell books. Some sell memberships to websites for a monthly fee. Basically, they will all sell you directories in one form or another, that show you where you can apply for federal government grants.

The problem is that not all lists or directories out there are the same. Some of the people in the industry only want your money and will provide you with a substandard or even useless or outdated lists. But there are also quite a few directories that provide a wealth of information, and are well worth the money.

Based on my research, the following grant list providers seem to be highly popular. I have not received any negative feedback on any of them, so if you are considering federal government grants, picking one of these resources would be a good place to start:

 Uncle Sam's Money - "Ultimate Guide to Government Grants"

This is a comprehensive grant website that provides information on not just Federal Grants, but State and private grants as well. Offers a 600 page ebook, "Ultimate Guide to Government Grants," as well as grant writing tutorial software, and many other great bonuses.

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Another popular membership site that gives instant access to:

  • Government Grant Writing Guide
  • Educational Programs
  • Business Programs
  • Federal and State Grants Directories
  • Private Foundation Grants Directory

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A membership site that gives instant access to:

  • Government Grants Directory
  • Foundation Grants Directory
  • Foreclosed Property Listings & Directory
  • Unclaimed Assets Search Engine & Directory

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