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Google Cash Review

Chris Carpenter's Google Cash introduced an ingenious concept that involved making money by advertising affiliate websites on pay-per-click engines (mostly Google Adwords). The system was profitable for many years and I tested it a couple years ago and found that it worked alright, although the competition is now a lot stiffer than it used to be.

Although Google Cash was a good ebook with an interesting concept and lots of good information on Google Adwords, I am no longer recommending this system for the following reason: Since 2005, Google Adwords only allows one root URL to be displayed for each keyword. This means only the affiliate with the top conversion rate will have their ad displayed. In a nutshell, this makes it extremely difficult for many affiliates to continue making money with this system.

To be sure, Google Cash was a great system where many people made decent money, but I'm afraid the change made by Google since 2005 make this system a LOT less profitable unless you happen to find a niche that no other affiliates are promoting. Even then, I think there are probably easier ways to make money. Since the book is an interesting read, you might still want to check it out for the ideas it presents. And if you are really good at finding niches, you can still make money.

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This is an unusual Adwords course that covers 1) How to write and manage Adwords effectively and 2) how to make money. The tactics covered in this course are underground and sometimes downright brazen - however they also work. If you get only one book on Adwords, this is the one to get.

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