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Ebay Selling

In addition to my Websites, I have run a side business selling various items on Ebay. Having done some Ebay selling myself, I can tell you for a fact that it IS indeed possible to make money on Ebay. But there are no big secrets on how to do it - you just need to get your hands on some good, solid information to get started. Tons of books have been written on this subject, and there are also plenty of courses advertised over infomercials (Dave Espino's Auctions for Income, etc.).

Ebay selling is an attractive business to many people because you do not have to build your own complicated e-commerce site, and you can start part-time and grow your business as large as you want. In recent years Ebay selling has become even more accessible with the advent of Ebay stores that can be set up almost instantly.

If you are thinking of starting an Ebay selling business, here are some things you should be aware of:

An Ebay business can be especially profitable if you sell rare or unique items. High ticket items also do well. If you are serious about Ebay selling, we strongly recommend you do some research first. Before getting started, I went through several Ebay books and spent hours surfing Ebay's site to see what's selling.

Here are some resources that may with Ebay selling:

 Insider Secrets of an Ebay Millionaire

This is one of the most comprehensive courses you could get on how to make tons of money(even millions) with Ebay selling. Insider Secrets of an Ebay Millionaire includes manuals and audio CDs, and reveals the exact techniques used by Brandon Dupsky to earn over $8 million on Ebay last year.

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 Open an Ebay Store

This is a great way to own your own e-commerce store. Best of all, you have direct access to millions of Ebay users. Supplement your Ebay selling business by opening your own Ebay store for as little as $9.95 per month. Highly recommended!

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 Beyond Ebay by Dave Espino

You may have seen the "Auctions for Income" infomercials with Dave Espino. This is the ebook by the same author, and it comes with an additional introductory book by Jim Wilson that explains the basics of Ebay. This package is a great way to become involved in Ebay selling, for only $22.95

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 How an Overworked Dental Hygienist Made up to $11,212.00 a Month--100% Online

The best way to get into a new business is to learn from someone who has actually done it successfully. This highly popular ebook was written by an entrepreneur who went from nothing to making over $10,000 a month on Ebay.

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 The Ultimate Ebay & Dropship Power Pak

One of the most difficult things about running an Ebay selling business is finding good products to sell. This site will give you access to a database of 2000 drop shippers and wholesale merchandising companies. A must if you are serious about running an Ebay business.

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 EBay - Make Your Net Auction Sell - FREE!

This FREE ebook is a terrific guide on how to make money running online auctions on Ebay. Over 200 pages of top-notch information on how to succeed in this competitive arena.

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