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Don Lapre Review

Don Lapre's Greatest Vitamin in the World
Since you are reading this review, you have no doubt seen Don Lapre on late night informercials, where he has been selling various products for over a decade. Don Lapre's latest ad promotes "The Greatest Vitamin in the World," which in fact is a combination of both a vitamin product and a business opportunity. There is a $35 Setup Fee to get involved in this opportunity, and you even get your own website which you can use to sell this vitamin. According to the infomercial, all you have to do is drive traffic to your website and collect $1000 for every 20 people you get to try the product.

Sound simple? Well, the problem is getting people to actually go to your site. As with most free sites, there will be thousands of identical sites all over the Internet, all competing for the same traffic. And anyone who has run their own site knows that getting visitors is one of the biggest challenges for an Internet business. Don Lapre's people know this as well. That's why, if you buy his program, a couple weeks later you end up getting calls from telemarketers who try to sell you traffic packages that guarantee visitors to your site. I've heard these packages cost several hundred of dollars or more.

So are these expensive traffic packages worth it? I have not tried them myself so I can not say anything definitively. I suppose the people in the informercial must have done okay with them, since they are providing such glowing testimonials. But those aren't the typical results. I have learned that there are also people who did not make money after investing a lot of money into this business. Here are some accounts I found on the Internet of some people who tried the program:

So, based on my research, I would not recommend this program. In my opinion, there are better opportunities out there.

The Money Making Package
Long before offering the "Greatest Vitamin in the World," Don Lapre also sold a money making package through infomercials that described how Don worked out of a one-bedroom apartment and created a successful business running "tiny classified ads" in hundreds of newspapers. The product he sold came with multiple booklets, a tape and a video, and covered everything from classified advertising to owning your own 900 number. The package sold for $39.99. Customers who bought the product got endless calls from telemarketers who tried to sell them expensive backend products, including 900 numbers that cost several hundred dollars a year.

If you buy a product from Don Lapre, you may get some decent front end materials. I have read some reports and booklets by Don Lapre that had some good information. Just be aware that most likely, you will also be pressured to buy more expensive back end products from pushy telemarketers.

I have always been suspicious of high-priced back end products, simply because I've heard or read too many accounts of people who bought various back end products from infomercial marketers and did not feel they got what they paid for. There are many books and courses out there that do not cost thousands of dollars, that provide very helpful information about running your own business. Spending thousands on a back end product that may or may not work does not seem like money well spent to me.