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Day Job Killer Review

New ebook reveals 4 "day job killer" tactics for making money

Day Job Killer is a new, much-hyped ebook by "Chris," the same person who released the wildly popular Affiliate Project X last year. It is essentially a manual on affiliate marketing with proven methods you won't find elsewhere. Some of the methods are similar or extended versions of techniques taught in Project X, while most are completely new.

People who have purchased products from this author before already know that some of the tactics endorsed by Chris, while effective, are also a bit cutthroat. This doesn't mean you can't use the ideas in the book and run a squeaky-clean business - You certainly can. But many of the more profitable techniques in Day Job Killer can be a bit controversial, to say the least. In fact, some of the tactics boil down to crushing established competitors so you can nudge your way into an already profitable niche. Not exactly for nice guys, but then again, not everyone in this business is in it to make friends.

The tactics in the Day Job Killer include:

-- A quick and easy way to generate insane profits with Adwords
-- How to tap into a Guru's fame and "rob" their customers
-- How to create a list, with little effort, and rake in serious cash
-- Copying methods competitors are already using to make money
-- How to market offline, get low ad rates, and make a killing sending offline people to a web link

Clearly, the author is one of those people who is in the marketing game for one reason only: To make money. If you are of the same mind set, you will definitely benefit from Day Job Killer. It's the most up-to-date handbook on killer affiliate tactics I've found to date. Click here for more.