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Clickbank Review

ClickBank is a huge marketplace for digital products that:

  1. Allows vendors to sell electronic products (mostly ebooks) without a merchant account
  2. Allows affiliates to promote these products and earn commissions

Currently, Clickbank has over 100,000 affiliates and promotes over 10,000 products, making it one of the largest affiliate networks on the Internet.

Affiliate Benefits:
As an affiliate, you have instant access to over 10,000 products you can promote online. Most Clickbank products offer a very generous commission, often over 50% of the sales price. This makes it possible for top affiliates to make thousands of dollars each month. The products are ranked by popularity, so you instantly know which items are hot sellers. I have found Clickbank to be a reputable company that prompty sends commission checks every two weeks.

Making Money with Clickbank
Anyone who owns a website can benefit greatly by opening up a Clickbank account and promoting products. Some tools (listed below) allow you to profit even if you don't already have a website, by helping you create Clickbank stores in a matter of minutes. Having a Clickbank account can be very lucrative, and it is definitely a good idea to research the many Clickbank-related resources available to help you make money.

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Clickbank Moneymaking Resources:

 CBMall Storefront

This product that allows you to open your own Clickbank storefront. It comes with its own search feature, and you make commissions on all purchases made at the store. Easy setup, with great profit potential.

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 CB Plugin

This tool allows you to instantly put some of Clickbank's hottest sellers on your website by using a simple copy-and-paste feature. Create your own list of recommended products in a matter of minutes. 5 customizable styles to choose from. A useful tool for existing website owners.

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