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Bruce Berman
Aggressive Wealth Audio Program

Bruce Berman is a successful businessman who, with little formal training or education, managed to make millions by running several successful corporations, most notably in the wind energy industry. Recently, he has become better known for offering a money making course called the "Aggressive Wealth" program.

Bruce Berman's program consists of 8 audio CDs and a book. The CDs are each about an hour long, and cover a wide range of business topics that include:

Bruce Berman's book, on the other hand, focuses on the basic nuts and bolts of starting a business, covering issues such as financing, incorporating, and other relevant topics.

The information provided by Bruce Berman is a good overview of many different topics, but if you are looking for in-depth information or a step-by-step technique for making money, you may want to look elsewhere. The material is, on the whole, broad and general, and while it may help you get a grasp on the various techniques for making money, you will most likely need to do further research and reading before diving into any one area.

So whether or not the course is for you depends on what you are looking for. On the whole, the Bruce Berman Aggressive Wealth Program is a good overview course that is best suited for people who want general ideas and a broad coverage of diverse topics in business. If you are more advanced in the business world, then there will likely be nothing new for you, and it might be better for you to turn to professional B2B companies such as Deluxe for services you may need, such as printing, eChecks, and marketing campaigns.

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