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Autosurf Programs

While I have personally never used an autosurf program, I give them a low rating overall because they are generally considered to be in the same category as HYIPs, with a great number of autosurfs being ponzi schemes or some other scam. If you are considering an autosurf program, I would advise you to proceed with caution

There are generally two types of autosurf programs. The first kind is an advertising program that pays members to surf websites that are part of the autosurf exchange. Advertisers can purchase credits to have their ads shown, and members earn a fee to view these ads. Many of these traffic exchanges can be legitimate, but many are not.

The second type of autosurf is a hybrid of a traffic exchange and an HYIP-type investment. These autosurfs typically require a fee, on which members earn a return. Typical returns can range from 1 to 2% a day, but some, such as the infamous and now defunct 12dailypro, offered as much as 44% over 12 days. The autosurfs that offer outrageous returns are almost certainly based on ponzi schemes, which is an old scam that pays out existing members from money generated by new members. This kind of scheme eventually implodes, and those who join in late are likely to lose all their money. You should definitely stay away from any autosurf that pays a high return - Not only are ponzi schemes extremely risky for the investor, they are also illegal.


1) If you are looking for traffic:
Call me old school, but I still believe one of the best ways to pay for quality traffic is to use pay-per-click. There are tons of ways to optimize your ads and get more clicks for fewer dollars. If you are thinking of trying an autosurf, I would instead consider getting a book like Adwords Miracle and learn the secrets of how to launch and maintain a killer Google Adwords campaign.

2) If you are looking for a high return:
Recently, I discovered a real estate investment opportunity that pays 40% in profits even when real estate prices falls. The program uses a unique model to generate high profits through preconstruction real estate deals, and its investors have seen spectacular profits over the last several years using this model. Click here to learn more about this exclusive opportunity.