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Home Assembly Work

Several years ago, I ordered a home assembly program because I was very curious to see what these opportunities were all about. It cost about $25 or so to get the introductory kit with instructions for a jewelry assembly program.

What was sent to me were instructions and accompanying materials for assembling one earring. But it was no ordinary earring. This elaborate earring was supposed to have hundreds of extremely small beads attached to it, using about 10 different threads. I could immediately see that the actually assembly was way too difficult to do. It would be easy for a machine, but for a human, the same earring would take at least half a day or more to assemble. The company would then buy it back for only a few dollars. Realistically, this home assembly program was not an opportunity where you could make even minimum wage.

I have a strong suspicion that the companies that sell home assembly opportunities make all their money collecting $25 or more for the setup fee and sending instructions for products that are so difficult to assemble that no one in their right mind would even try it. If you think about it, there is no reason a company would pay people to spend hours assembling products when it would be much faster, easier, and probably a lot cheaper to assemble the same products with a machine.

To be fair, I have only tested one home assembly program (that was enough for me). There may be legitimate home assembly opportunities out there. I just have not seen or heard of any. In my opinion, there are far easier ways to make money from home.