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Affiliate Project X Review
Is it the book you've been waiting for, or just another over hyped affiliate marketing product?

In late 2006, a new e-book called "Affiliate Project X" became an instant bestseller. The book claimed to reveal the secrets of "super affiliates" who routinely make $500 a day or more using affiliate marketing.

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I have been running my own affiliate business since 1999, and have bought more than my share of affiliate products. When I first read the Affiliate Project X sales letter, I was intrigued because this was a system that the author actually tested out on 12 newbies, who learned the same techniques covered in the e-book. After one month, half of them were making $100 a day or more, and one even made $400 in a single day. That's $3000 - $12,000 a month, after just one month in business. Even though I have been successful with my online business, it took me 6 months before I was making any money, so reading about this system made me skeptical but also caught my attention.

I just had to see for myself if this e-book was everything it promised, or if it was just another over hyped piece of marketing garbage. So I ordered the product, and gained immediate access to a 71-page e-book and 2 videos (not offered in the original release) entitled "Getting Started" and "Beginner's Guide." Then I spent half a day going through the materials.

What I found was that this book has more good information crammed into a single book than any other product I have purchased lately. There is no "fluff" or useless junk, just the raw information you need delivered in a straightforward and concise way. What is especially good about Affiliate Project X is that it does not provide just one, but six different techniques for making money. So you can choose the method that most appeals to you, while being assured that the techniques covered have been tested and proven. The methods introduced are:

  1. the leech
  2. the affiliate diary
  3. the workhorse method
  4. thief in the night
  5. copy the best
  6. the opportunist

You'll have to purchase the book if you want to know the specifics of each technique, but having run my own affiliate business, I can attest that these techniques are legitimate. I have used techniques similar to two of them, and have made a good living for the last 8 years.

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>> CLICK HERE to Order Affiliate Project X